But in many, as you mentioned, the mom-and-pop shop and the local economy, some of them are registered as a local co-op or an association, or even without any registration. They just do the business at home. So, for these very, very small operators, they cannot dedicate one cybersecurity staff, a CISO, however. It’s not possible. So, we have this program called the T-Cloud that specifically take care of such social innovators, especially lower-sized ones. And we match as a subsidy so that up to a thousand or so US dollars, they can try to subscribe to different solutions, usually some solutions. And we match the fund because it’s us, so it’s metered. So, they can subscribe for this for a couple of days, find it’s not to their liking, but they only spend a dozen US dollars anyway, and then they switch to another, switch to another, but up to 1000 US dollars, we just simply match. And so that immediately lower the cost by 50%.

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