Well, I think the treasury itself is just an excuse for people to build social capital, right? g0v has been running as a decentralized community for a decade, more than a decade now without any tokens or any meaningful treasury. There are, of course, not-for-profits around the ecosystem that provide some of the infrastructure and so on, but it’s never about collective token issuing. So yeah, I think philosophically, anything that can get people in the mood of coordinating and collaborating is good. A shared bank account, of course, is one way of doing so, and that’s how the co-op movement is made. But it can also be any assets, any social object that is symbolic, like co-creating an important document, a constitution for the AI to interact with us, for example, or creating the constitution, the constitutional AI. That may be more important for people who are in a certain linguistic community than the treasury. So, anything that plays that part is good.

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