Yeah, I think one of the main things in Taiwan is that our largest social network that has a political and media impact is not owned by for-profit companies. Rather, it is owned by and operated by, for example, PTT, it’s by the National Taiwan University students for the past 25 years. It’s always been open source, free software with community governance and so on. So, you can call it Web1, 2, or 3, it doesn’t really matter. But the point is that the governance is accountable, it’s distributed, and it’s at arm’s length with the government. So, we, of course, subsidize the National Taiwan University, but as a university, it enjoys freedom of thought and everything so that the PTT is neither captured by the shareholders or advertisers, nor by the state. And it lends to the PTT or any other project from our National Academy and so on, what I call credible neutrality. And I think that’s the main difference between Web3 and Web2 community.

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