So although they are too young to vote on people, maybe they’re not too young to vote on petitions or participatory budgeting or anything like that. So in our ministry, we run many hackathons and we don’t put an age restriction on who can participate. As long as you can participate online or have an email or have an SMS number and so on, it could be that your parents gave you this SMS number, that is fine, but you can still participate fully in this online form of democracy. And so it makes the younger people, when they are 18 already ready for democracy instead of spending like ten years of their life from eight to 18 feeling helpless. And it’s always the old people doing old people things, giving all the benefits to the older people and if you spend ten years in that state you become disillusioned with the democratic system very easily. So empowering people who are younger than 18 as well as people in the future through some sort of representation is both important.

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