Ok, so the question is, what would a business person do in the future? Essentially, that’s the question? Yeah, it’s interesting because previously, like, if you work in product management, in customer success and so on, your role is to take the service requirements of your customers, translate it so that your product team, your research team, can understand and so they can make better products. But now this intermediation layer is almost gone. Your customer can simply describe what they are not satisfied with the product. Tell ChatGPT and say, give me the CNC code or whatever 3D printing code or things like that, or a website code. And then voilà it just makes it itself. And if that person requires more expert machinery, they can just rent part of the time of the expensive machinery. So that person become a prosumer without getting any training whatsoever in that particular professional field. All they need to do is to articulate what they don’t like about the product. This is what I mean in my previous answer. So I think a business person, in a sense is democratized means that everybody can be a business person now. It’s just like handheld phones and cameras, like this democratized media.

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