Yeah manufacturing is a very large field, so I cannot say with certainty that it will affect all the different sort of things that manufacturing does. But it seems to me that a lot of manufacturing is moving towards a more like subscription or use based instead of possession based so, for example, the newer generation’s relationship with cars and shoes or whatever is different from the strictly possession relationship. So there are a lot more emphasis on not just personalization of style and fashion, but also personalization in terms of how it fits into the lifestyle of the person. So in a sense, the manufacturer is just the beginning of the design. It’s a more humble approach, whereas the people, the community, the people who actually use it get to participate more in the design process. So it used to take a lot of customer polling or things like that in order to get into your next cycle of manufacturing, because mass manufacturing means that you have to settle on one or two of different product lines. But more and more we’re looking at people who feedback their actual interactions with the products, so that what they actually want is the service, and the product is just in service of the service.

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