The point here is that the ideas spread naturally, and just as our suggestion to cross-professional network policymaking, it is not a few arbitrators or mediators, but rather a series of frequent meet-ups such as this one, and so should it be for cross-jurisdictional issues when it comes to social innovations. I do believe that in, for example, the Open Government Partnership which Taiwan is actively participating while not being a full member, we are seeing a lot more stories like in OGP Stories where the stories are told in the structural way to maximize the reusability of individual ideas so that it is not about importing an entire system, but rather an idea like this interlocking time frame. This can be implanted in a vastly different way in Japan, but as long as the idea is sound, well, you probably will make more modifications and remixes that we can then learn from, so let us collaborate on the ideation stage more so than on the final text output or the compiled output of such processes.

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