Well, “never” is very long time frame. I think even constitutional citizen assemblies do not say, “Never.” In their constitutional outputs, they allow for amendments. So, I think it is important here to denote the actual implementation and feedback cycle in precise days. In citizens’ initiatives’ 5,000 signatures, the pace is 60 days. We collect the venture for 60 days. If it meets the threshold, the response will come within 60 days, and after the initial collaborative meeting, a decisive action point-by-point or the explanation of why it is not possible point-by-point will be delivered within 60 days, so it is a very fixed pace and the citizens can then take the parts that government says, “It is just simply impossible for us to do,” but it does not preclude the citizens to start a new initiative, crowdfunding or crowdsourcing, to realize those, because previously people did not realize the government has the will but not the budget, or has the budget but not the will, to do something, but through a collaborative meeting and this, as I said, 60-day cycle, it becomes a thing of mutual accountability.

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