By focusing strictly on, say, the first diamond of the Double Diamond model of design thinking, it increases the kind of range of the radar for the professional representatives and public servants to look at the map of the issues to work with, and also it can empower everyone to think outside of the local optimum because for the structural changes, there is a need to elevate people outside of the local optimum. It cannot come from the unilateral movement from anyone within the same structure because otherwise it would be Pareto improvement and you have already resolved it. The reason why we have structural problems is that nobody can unilaterally resolve them, but if we open up the conversation to people who are suffering from the pain and if we empower them, they can describe their local hack or their local ad hoc solutions that actually lifts us out of this force equilibrium, and then the governments or the businesses in the social sector that participate in this multi-stakeholder panel could just readily amplify this catalyzing solution to a longer-term implementation, and of course maintaining the operational cost necessary associated with it.

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