Yes, and I think this is really a key issue because Taiwan uses the same Germany-inspired continental law system, so theoretically we should be operating on the same kind of constitutional law-mandated cycles of the written text defining the scope of each sector and so on, but in practice, we use a lot more regulations and interpretations than the laws. We tend to say in the law that “this part” will be defined by a regulation, and then because our regulations are co-creative, people starting a petition have this understanding that the parliament has already carved out a sandbox or so for various different swarm-like approaches to take effect in the defined scope of the more basic and more abstract law. So, by basically a blessing or a baptizing, the innovations in the shorter cycle within the continental law system, we can rest assured that the basic privacy or human rights and so on are not violated because these are the bedrocks defined in the law strata, but more and more things are now being worked on the regulation interpretation kind of like the Layer 2 of Ethereum. It is faster for iterate, but still it is secure by the main Layer 1 protocols.

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