And to vote on a project, if you vote one vote, it costs one point, but if you vote 2 votes, that’s going to cause four points in total. Three costs nine and four costs 16, so with 99 points, one can vote at most, only nine votes into one particular project because that costs 81. 1 more would make 100 in total, but one doesn’t have 100, right? So with 81 cast and 18 left, one is promoted, the project. But also, one is looking for another project that has synergy with the initial project that one has advocated for, so maybe I look at another project and cast four votes, that’s 16. So, I still have two points left and I’ll be incentivized to look another two projects to make sure the synergy holds, and maybe I’ll discover something I haven’t learned before, and maybe I take some of the votes back and do a seven and seven or something.

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