And so, all of this basically makes sure that each and every citizen can see democracy as much more complex, but also not too complicated, in a sense that everyone can choose the modality they want to engage publicly with. They can also volunteer their time to be a fact checker that fact checks the presidential candidates, like when the three of them were having a platform or debate or so, leading to the general 2020 election. Among the volunteer fact checkers, there are many middle school or even private school students, so even before they have the right to vote, they have the right to do their media competence work and ship political discourse. They can also propose e-petitions and actually a quarter or more of new petitions are from people who are not even 18 years old. So that’s a lot of participation from the very young and most of them do not petition for their own good but actually for the environmental sustainability, and long term banking, things like that.

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