This is what we call, media competence. It’s not just about media literacy, which is consuming, understanding information; rather, when you’re producing information, when you’re sharing information, this is an act of producing media and therefore, it’s called competence, not literacy in our basic education curriculum. Now, imagine if all those private sector roles, like Trend Micro, or social sectors roles, like Cofacts, if all these roles are played by the state, by the administration, then the administration, essentially, is concentrating too much power and could silence the ideas that don’t rhyme with the state’s ideas. That will actually get us to a more authoritarian state. But with those fact checkers, which are firmly in the social sector and don’t take any money from the state, they can also check us when we’re wrong. And Trend Micro can also fact check us when we’re wrong, and that is a much healthier relationship and we call it, co-governance or People-Public-Private Partnership.

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