So there’s a lot of disinformation centering around the Hong Kong situation at the time. But how would we know that this particular one would get trending? Well, that’s because people who see it on their LINE chat groups or end-to-end private messaging, choose to long press that and report it to the Cofacts bot, which is rather like flagging something as spam in your inbox, in the hope that if sufficient amount of people do so. Then Spamhaus, which is the social sector organization, will flag it so that each incoming email from that particular sender will no longer land in people’s inbox but will land in the junk mail box, which is still there so it’s not quite censorship, but it would stop wasting people’s time, right? So Cofacts acts pretty much in the same way. As soon as a sufficient amount of people forward that to Cofacts, then they send it to a public dashboard so we can see which ones are trending.

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