Now, the way that we work with telecoms is pre-approved by the legislature after SARS 1.0 in 2004, because Taiwan was hit pretty hard in 2003 by SARS. At the time, we had the same failure mode, as you just mentioned. The municipal government is saying a different thing from the central government; we had to barricade an entire hospital, Hoping Hospital, unannounced; and there was all in all, I think, 73 deaths directly or indirectly related to SARS. And so in 2004, we collectively said never again. And so the constitutional code charged the legislature to make new acts on new communicable diseases. So it basically took whatever we did wrong in SARS in 2003 and institutionalized, through the CDA, the Act for Communicable Diseases, the exact playbooks that we imagined out so that when SARS comes again, we will actually counter it with pre-improved tools and technologies, one of which is this quarantine requirement.

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