Yeah, certainly. Dr. Tsai’s campaign team did a great job! She ran a campaign modeled as a public and civic education process. She published her campaign’s visual design assets as an open source project — that is straight from Mayor Ko’s campaign, of course, she didn’t have to reinvent this.

Another example She crowd-funded her campaign using small scale donations, with a symbol of a small piggy bank. She published the piggy bank’s 3D STL files as open-source online, and encouraged people to fork her piggy bank designs with 3D printers, and using any of the 3D modeling tools to making them more attractive, and the best of the most attractive piggy bank units were then exhibited online and 3D printed.

This is, in a way, a very democratizing way where everybody could feel they could contribute — however small — to her campaign and her vision. The same principles shall be upheld for the next three months by Simon Chang, our current prime minister, to ensure a smooth transitioned to President-elect, Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen.

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