Before we did the deliberation we did a comparative analysis using this data and then showed what other countries are doing based on the six demands. So that was it. We showed all those consensus. We asked each stakeholder whether you want to compromise or not. So it is like a progress bar, it is actually written like a progress bar on a white-board. Uber said eventually: “Yes, we will provide insurance terms to the Taiwan government” which they haven’t done to any other non-us country. The taxi fleet says that if you open search pricing then we will introduce the new class of taxis that competes directly with Uber. Then the Minister of Transport said: “Okay we will do that.” Then the taxi association of independent drivers said: “The main problem is that Uber takes a 20% cut. If they take just a 2% cut we will work with them tomorrow.” So it becomes a matter of negotiation at the table.”

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