So a domestic agreement of the local stakeholders, the commissions, and the industry members would mean nothing even though we get all the right people. It won’t make a difference. We saw that happening in other Asian countries. To add insult to injury there is no ministry that wanted to propose Uber as a topic in vTaiwan. The Ministry of Transport who has been fining Uber for more than €1 million now which is a lot of money. They didn’t want to propose this because in their eyes they are criminals. To deliberate with criminals is nonsense. On the other hand the Uber lawyers say the Transport Ministry has nothing to do with this. We are a e-commerce company, they say, and this has got to do with the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. So MOEA should propose the task. MOEA says: “This is not really our job and we don’t want the flak that comes from the Transportation Ministry.”

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