A very concrete example: One of the laws they wanted to change was the telecommuting law that pertains to people working at home and people who are early stage start-up founders that want to employ people who work at home and want some guidelines for teleworking. After the election when they set the course of the new government they got some zero people to talk with the Labour Ministry. They said: Okay we have this new agenda and we want to hold public hearings. Usually they invited heads of labour unions, associations and of the industry and so on … so please recommend all the representatives of all the teleworkers in Taiwan. There is no such thing. There couldn’t be such thing. Because the coder who works at home, a designer, a musician are complete different kind of people. They couldn’t really speak for other people who work at home. It is not a trade, there is no trade union for this trade. Again for people who are early-stage kickstarter companies also don’t have a guild or association because they have trouble paying the next month’s salary. Like forming a representative unit is not their game.

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