On that scale there is Podemos (Spain) which has a very comparable scale. At the beginning the Five Star Movement (Italy) had a very comparable scale especially on the city or governmental level too. I think what’s unique about the Sunflower Movement it is not really about civic technology. It serves only as an amplifier for everybody who is against this kind of policy-making and to show them an alternative. The campaign finance story you don’t see this kind of crowd sourced campaign finance digitization project in the UK or in Europe and in the US because they were already digital. They don’t need one hundred thousand people doing this work because the government is doing what the modern government should do. But on the other hand in say North Korea or other countries it doesn’t take 100,000 people. As long as you have 10 people you get imprisoned. It requires both a very active civic tech population and also a very not so modern stuck in the paper-era just recently democratized county or state apparatus. I think this is actually comparable to Spain to some degree. Unless you have this kind of power structure that is behind in time and you have a government versus a new democratization in civil society, then you don’t get the same mobilizing power as in the Sunflower Movement.

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