I think that there are three different layers. The process and the tools our international by definition. We don’t develop any of these, we just apply them. They got very valuable feedback. For example Hackpad went down five times because of the overcapacity. They had to buy a special cluster for g0v so it doesn’t impact their other paying customers. So there’s a lot of live feedback for crowd-testing like this. That improves the quality of the tools because those tools were just not tested at that scale before. That is the easy part. And the policy part on which I’ll talk about in my next talk which is the Uber-Part I think it has some kind of relationship also with the Europeans cities in particular where some kind of collaboration was possible. It is harder than just the tools. Of course there’s the power structure level which don’t usually collaborate in this manner. The idea of the g0v summit was to just make clear what is the agenda of the civic hackers for the next year. That doesn’t mean that always that aligns with the power level.

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