Let’s move to the next part. This is an example of one of the first projects and the one that got me into g0v two months after its founding. Moedict “Moe” meaning very cute. It is a very cute dictionary with a very cute logo. The dictionary, first published online thirty years ago, has already became the only real tool of the primary school level Chinese education in Taiwan where people and teachers especially in rural or remote island areas where they don’t have the same access to libraries and museums. They take their students to the computer lab and use Moedict to teach Chinese. Chinese as spoken in Taiwan, there is mandarin, there’s traditional simplified Chinese, taiwanese … There are very different ways of talking Chinese in Taiwan. Because of new migrants we have Holo, Haka, Amis, Indonesian languages and so on. We also have aborigines who are enjoying a surge of the rediscovery of their own language. There are other Austronesian languages also because of the large influence of Tibetan Buddhism. We have people interested in Tibetan. It’s a large dictionary with a large cross-reference to all the languages that are spoken in Taiwan. It’s been used all around of Taiwan too. The point of doing this dictionary was very typically for g0v.

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