I think the most important thing is to meet face to face every month in a place that accommodates hundreds of people. This is like a really old organisation tip. Maybe the groups you mentioned already do some of that. But I think the thing was that at one g0v hackathon of 150 people maybe 100 people are the first time there or the second time. They are not very well versed. Basically we went viral very easily by incorporating newcomers every month which essentially doubles the size or the outreach of the existing hacker community in g0v. People who already form long-term projects they would at least send one delegate to the g0v hackathons to both recruit new members and also see what synergies they could play with other people. I think this is really not about Internet but more about just organisation 101. So for 100 people it is Accademia Sinica, a research Institute in Taiwan. For the 50 people people of the smaller hackathons it is someplace very much like the Superpublic (France) actually.

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