The subjects? This is a very good question. Re g0v I think the primary innovation is our domain name All the government websites in Taiwan end with "". In France it is “" It is the same idea. So for example for the environmental agency it is Now on your browser if you change the “o” to a “0” (zero) you get into the shadow government. That is g0v version of the environmental agency that shows exactly the same data as the environmental agency but with much better visualization and open data. It is a better version of the environmental agency. The same is with the parliament, the legislative organ of the taiwanese government. If you change the “o” to a “0“ you get into the shadow government site of the parliament. It shows exactly the same bills. It is featured as a progress bar like a shopping cart: where the bill is coming from, who is signing the bill, who are the legislators and then they are cross-referenced to their campaign finance and voting records and things like that. So to answer your question: The topics of the subjects are as diverse as the third level domains of the Taiwan government which is everything. It is agriculture, it is education, … you name it. Whenever people want to do something as alternative to the government website, they can then register a domain that is the same as the government. Nobody has to remember those domain names anymore because everybody knows how to reach g0v you just change the “o” to a “zero”. So I think that’s the first hack that we did.

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