So we need the civic media like the bloggers or the Wikimedians. Again those people share something with us because they do trust strangers. The key of doing open source is that you trust random people on the internet to help you digitize maps and things like that. This is what Civic media is especially good at and which the traditional social activists are especially bad at. This is very interesting because these three groups of people each like something that the other two other groups of people could provide. Just by organizing things in a way that lets people learn from each other eventually helped converge into something like the digitizing of the campaign finance records which was started by somebody in the Civic media, a very famous blogger. He has this very cynical way of writing about things because he says the country is helpless and hopeless. Then we brought him to our hackathons and proved to him that if you just trust the strangers we can let the internet to do the job.

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