This is a campaign we did a year and a half ago. We made a captcha. I assume everybody knows what a captcha is. It’s a way to prove you’re not a robot. It’s not going to work after last year where a robot solved it better than humans. Until recently it could tell whether you’re a robot or a human. Then we made a captcha where people would just type that they are here and click enter. This maybe takes just five seconds of people’s time. So it’s good for lazy people. But this website that we built said that you’re saving the country by participating in this captcha. That is because those numbers came from the campaign finance records because the taiwanese Campaign Finance Law law was defined in the era of Xerox printers. It says one has to file all the campaign donations and to where the campaign finance has been sent. All this is kept in paper form in this building. Everybody can go in and do a Xerox copy with a watermark to make sure that the tally (record) is not wrong.

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