Before my retirement I worked in the IT industry for 20 years (referring to slide 3). It’s not a early retirement really, it is just that I started very early. Then I still do consulting work with Apple. I have been working with the theory team on computational linguistics for the past five years, with Social Text Facebook for the enterprise. I also worked with the academics and the dictionary people in the new OUP (Oxford University Press) and with government sector people in the Taiwan National Development Council. But most importantly I work with them not for them. By working on projects that are located in the third sector which means the voluntary sector meaning that the people I work with choose to donate their time and effort and energy to work on the dictionary which I’ll talk about or the vTaiwan rule-making platform which I will also talk about. The result of those two projects, because they are open source, we relinquish our copyright. That is actually how I prefer to work with them. People in the first sector and in the second sector usually just harvest the outcomes and improve their own service and products.

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