I think President Tsai is unique that she includes LGBTQ and in fact marriage equality to be a very concrete part of her agenda or platform during the presidential campaign. And it was very brave for me, that’s one of the reason why I voted for her. That wasn’t the majority opinion for her party at the time, it was slightly moving toward majority in a tendency but not a supermajority, so she is in a sense setting agenda for her party by declaring this public presidential agenda. So it doesn’t really need my convincing, she is already there, exactly! I think the most I can do is basically be an example of what a transgender person can contribute to policy not because of my transgender status, but because of my training as a computer scientist, as a digital policy maker, and things like that--and that this is normal; this not something people should over-focus about, and being normal, I think it is the opposite of being an other. Most of the suppression and misunderstanding and bullying at everything stems from being an other, right? So just by "de-othering" the LGBTQ community I think it’s my existential contribution.

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