As an anarchist, I respect the United Nations. I submitted a paper, I couldn’t be there, but it was presented by my co-author at Habitat 3, a conference about the right to the city and make sure the process is where the commons decide the city together and so on. I respect a lot of what the United Nations is doing, but then again just like any other organization, it has engagements that it can uphold, engagements that some of the parties may not uphold. So I also participate very heavily in what we called multi-stakeholder organizations, and prime example being the internet itself, and the internet governance forum and so on, that also decided something concerns everybody on the planet, but in the way that is not really representatives of each country talking about their country’s own matters, but also any stakeholder declaring their stakes and participate in this kind of forum. They were economic forums, as one such forum and there is many other forums like this, so my previous engagement before I join the cabinet, was mostly with these multi-stakeholder forums and I intent to continue that which is not hampered by Taiwan’s relationship with UN.

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