The issue of citizenship, permanent residence, and visas in general I think is very high on Minister Chen’s list. And so every week I hear what is being done, what’s left to be done, and so on. I’m sure that a lot of these things will be worked out pretty soon. Which is not my job that I care about very much, but what is my job is to communicate the facts that the government takes these issues very seriously, and is working on it. Also, as of a few years ago, actually home schooling is legal in Taiwan. We have three laws pertaining to experimental schools, so it’s either through the community, through some NGOs, or by yourself. Anybody can submit a home schooling plan, and it doesn’t have to be 100% home school; you can spend two or three days at school, and other days at home as long as it passes the review board of your local city, then you can design your own curriculum and apply that throughout the whole K to 12. So it’s really up to each learner to design their own curriculum now. This is news to many people because all those laws and regulations are new, so my job is to make sure that everybody knows that it is there now; make full use of it! And if you find something wrong, we have a system to correct ourselves to making a new revision of it.

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