Well, this is a very complicated topic that has a different answer to each industry sector, right? I’m not going to, because of time limits, to go to detail of that. But in the upcoming digital national plan, we try make infrastructure such that no matter what the industry that a startup or an established company looking for digital transformation is in, they will have the same basic infrastructure for them to, for example, have affordable bandwidth; to have an affordable way to communicate to the international audiences; to have affordable chance of getting capital from outside to recruit talent to Taiwan; or simply find all these protocols. So if you’re watching this and interested in joining a startup in Taiwan then the startup visa and all the implementation plans that follows startup visa will make it much easier for the foreign talents to join the startup in Taiwan and vice versa. And I think really once you are in Taiwan, Taiwan is a very attractive place and you will want to stay for the medicare and for the food.

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