I think it’s a nature part of Taiwan, and as I said already, actually I think the main work that the government should do is to make failing easier. Because if you spend a lot of time and capital to set up a company, a lot of efforts a lot of hoops to jump through, and then you fail, the failure will feel like something that is disappointing. But if it is trivial to set up a company, if it’s trivial to get some initial buy-in to your venture and so on, then it doesn’t really feel like a failure, it feels like some learning experience. And then people can proudly say, "I failed 9 times and then I am still asking another round of angel money," because each of those startups failed in the very early stage; that it didn’t meet the market; that it is not a good fit, and so on. But there wasn’t much to lose in each of those cases, so then people wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time just just starting up, right? People can just develop their ideas develop their networks and so on. This is my main thought.

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