I mean, at the end of every huge media cycle we always get some kind of petition. Not always 5,000 people strong, but some of them are 5,000 strong. A concrete example, there was one right after one typhoon because some cities have this half-day holiday, like this half-day that people used to have to go to work but in the afternoon because of the typhoon you have to go back home. It creates an issue of coordination. There are actually two petitions, each 5,000 strong, saying let’s do away with this half-day vacation, half-day holiday. So I think this is a very real time response for people to think about repercussions of what will happen if we introduce such a policy. It’s not just something that’s a reaction out of the media taken out of situation, but we invite people to think through as they were petitioning to write down what they think will take for this to happen.

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