We’re doing it right now, in the media and on several other places we try. But I think the most important advertisement is really up to each ministry, because once one ministry like the Ministry of Health and Welfare which did really well with the first two petition cases, each petition case they handle well they create trust for those 5,000 people, and those 5,000 people, after they have another policy contribution, they’ll be like, "okay, they handled our petition very well, so now I’m motivated to propose even more interesting or even more radical proposals." I think word of mouth is really the first thing we want to encourage. And the first thing that we want to increase the quality of those responses, and then for the platform participants to speak for the platform. And kind of on the flip side, if the ministry doesn’t handle the petition well, if they just follow the procedure but they really didn’t say much of anything, then 5,000 people may get a disillusioned and so no amount of advertisement will bring back their trust. So we think we ’ll just focusing on the quality of the responses.

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