So what I’ve been doing concretely is to make sure that, for example, all the regulations before this cabinet were announced maybe 7 to 14 days before its passing. 7 to 14 days is very difficult for people to have a good understanding and dialogue with policy makers. So most of the time they don’t say anything, or say a lot of things on the streets, right? So they didn’t say much through the official channels, because 7 or 14 days are really too short. So one of my work is to ensure that now there are 60 days for all regulations, but also within the 60 days the ministry has to make substantial response to the public comments that were collected during the 60 days. And after that, we are working on the transparency of the budget allocation, so that all the national plans, all the ministry’s plans, that use taxpayer’s money now must be disclosed, like how much percentage is completed every month or every quarter and how much did this align with the original proposal, and then we also invite everybody to comment on what exactly gets done during this budget plan and budget execution.

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