Well, I think working as a kind of understudy minister, as a intern minister, for the previous minister Jaclyn Tsai (蔡玉玲) for almost two years now, was basically a collaborative method following the end of 2014. There is a new nation agenda about the cabinet at the time. The new premier at the time, Mao Chi-kuo (毛治國), said the government, the cabinet especially, needs to adopt crowdsourcing as its direction, meaning that traditionally things were all decided by the government, in the government. It’s for the people, but it’s not with the people. So he says "okay, now we have work with the people, and include all the stakeholders in the early stage agenda setting." It is easy to say that, but nobody really knows how to do that, right? So people interested in internet governance were recruited or invited to join this new kind of crowdsource agenda setting, and that’s why I decide to collaborate with the cabinet at the time. But at the time I was really an adviser for the administration and training the public servants; now I’m still doing more or less the same thing but with different title.

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