Sure! so between 1989 which is freedom of the press, and 1996 which is the first presidential election, Taiwan’s democratization worked slowly but surely. The idea is that instead of a sudden revolution, instead of a sudden change like in many other countries in the Third Wave of democratization, the president at the time Lee Teng-hui orchestrated a very gradual transition to peaceful democracy. I think part of the reason why we have electronic technology and digital technology was that 1996 was also the year that Taiwan enjoyed the World Wide Web in a very accessible form at a very low-cost, so everybody can dial in to the websites of the presidential candidates and see what their platforms are, and so on. So I was actually helping out with a presidential campaign at the time as a way to participate in the democracy for the first through the intervention, if you will, of the web and "Bulletin Board System"(BBS). And that’s how I got interested in the interaction between the technology (especially the World Wide Web) and democracy, especially the presidential election.

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