Right, we’re working on some infrastructures that makes this possible, I wouldn’t say overnight. The first is the transparency part because I’m also the Digital Minister in charge of open government. I’ve worked with the PCC, the procurement committee here, 工程會, that publishes, transparently, both the procurement that’s about to be bid—all the tenders—and all the tenders that’s won and how exactly they’re allocating their plans. And by early next year we’ll also publish another set of information that how it actually corresponds to the maybe monthly or every three-month’s quarterly reports from all the ministries as part of their plans. Because otherwise we don’t have the connection between what procurements are doing and our three-year plans. Usually each ministry keeps it originally to themselves of which procurement fulfills which plans, and then they of course have to report to the National Development Council, but it’s a kind of back-end internal system. What we’re trying to do is we are trying to publish all this in as transparently as possible on the internet forum. And then people can come here and then comment and say, okay I look at this three-year plan, it’s now in its second year, and this monthly reports says that it fulfils such and such a plan, but I think some social impact may be added to the next monthly or quarterly report.

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