It’s a conversation I hope we have here. Now that we’re learning what has been achieved in another democracy. It’s not going to be the same here with our institutionalized white supremacy. vTaiwan has wrapped process and facilitation around some really interesting math. Facilitation is at the core. Now it’s students-of-students-of-students of those facilitators during Occupy -- these people facilitated to be neutral in bringing out these thoughts and feelings. Their role cannot be over-emphasized because at the start of tackling any divisive topic which has paralyzed society. the vTaiwan facilitators (who are still volunteers trained by g0v) go to each stakeholder group one by one and the prompts are vetted and edited. It takes months, but they can tackle difficult issues. The topic is articulated properly. That’s how the consensus is possible - before the voting - when everyone agrees on the prompts is when it becomes binding with the government. Then the math is legitimate.

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