So again, as I mentioned earlier, that the contents that is created by generative AI are not necessarily deceptive and harmful. So deceptive, I think the definition of deception has to be pretty clear, that is done with bad intent on a malicious intent. And so if people are using our platforms to upload such content, we are building the tools to detect those contents so that people know that those come across those contents can know that these are created or made by AI. That’s, one, labeling and transparency. Two, we encourage them to disclose if they are uploading this content to our platforms, and make sure that they can disclose that or our detection system will detect that. And three, if the content itself violates our community’s standards, then our community standards will govern the contents our platforms and we will remove content that violates our community standards or policies irrespective of the status of the content, generated by AI or not.

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