We partner with Stanford University to run community forum on Metaverse governance. And that was a great experience. And so we also ran that in Taiwan. I think Taiwan set a clear example of how citizens can come together and discuss in a really informative way and make rational decisions, come to the consensus. That can be the foundation for further governance models. And that’s reason why we did another community forum to which the MODA was invited. We did it with four countries and we hope to expand that in the future. But we are happy that MODA representative joined that forum and served as an observer and found the experience very positive and valuable. So you’re doing this community forum or a kind of deliberative project in Taiwan in March. I want to share some of our experiences on that because I think even though the questions asked in this community forum and those in the deliberation projects here in Taiwan are different, but they’re all centered around AI, and how people should interact with AI, and what kind of concerns that people have around AI.

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