Fantastic. Very good. So thank you very much, Minister Tang, for inviting us. It’s a great pleasure to be here to learn more about the work that you are doing and the overall situation in Taiwan. We just arrived, most of us just arrived from Beijing, so we spent a few days there talking with Chinese colleagues and Chinese students. We had a wonderful setup, which I think you’re probably going to hear more about from the Yale students, where we had a very open discussion about AI issues and cyber issues with students mainly from Renmin University, which is one of the universities, as you know, that specialize in these kinds of things in the PRC. So it was very fruitful, and I must say to me, and I think to many of the people who are here in our delegation, then coming to Taiwan right after that is exactly the right kind of thing to do because we can experience a very different kind of society and a very different kind of approach to most of these matters than what you find now in the mainland. So let me talk just very briefly about who we are.

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