We’ve been certified under CBPR, Global CBPR. We are also doing things to help others, small businesses certify under CBPR in the US. There might be some opportunities there for example to consider whether the pilot we are doing in the US is applicable here. Then on the products and services, one example is how does our secure cloud work, how does our subsea infrastructure work and contribute, how do these help mean that you don’t have to worry so much about vulnerabilities of users, people, but you can have scalable secure by design products and services where the security is built in and gives the users confidence.

Then the skilling and talent there are many layers. One example is the digital skilling and cloud certification, both in government, or business that we do. Or the digital literacy training for schools, or for citizens. We already do Grow with Google programs here. We’re happy to do more in areas you would like us to but good to discuss where the priorities are and what makes sense.

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