David Katz started a non-profit called Plastic Bank in 2013 in Vancouver. He has as an excellent TED talk. Their goal is to create social and environmental impact in areas with high levels of poverty and plastic pollution by turning plastic waste into a currency. There is a direct correlation plastic pollution and extreme poverty in the world where recycling infrastructure does not exist like places in Haiti and recently the Philippines. So they created a system to compensate the collectors for their efforts as quickly as possiblewith mobile technology. With the currency, collectors could use it to immediately to pay for goods that are essential to life water, books, school tuition, electricity, a stove, mobile phone chargers, maybe even a bus pass. Anything that the extreme poor would need and cannot afford could be sold. The idea was to also make the goods conveniently accessible. The term Social Plastic® refers to plastic that has been verified by Plastic Bank where collectors receive an above-market price for the value of the waste. https://www.plasticbank.org/what-we-do/#.W5jcRpNKjR0

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