Good evening everyone and welcome to SuperPublic Paris. I’ll just say a few words for some of you who are discovering this venue for the first time. First of all thank you to Personal Democracy Forum for having chosen SuperPublic for organizing this evening and to Audrey Tang who we’ve had the pleasure of spending the day with. Just a few words in French and then we’re going to pass over into English. My name is Stephan Vincent. I direct an association called the 27eme région and with others we founded this place one and a half years ago. The place is called SuperPublic because it’s dedicated to innovation in the public sector and more broadly political innovation and democratic innovation. Some of the people who work in this place are here permanently, others are more transitory. They are all very devoted people in the area of transformation of the public realm. We organize conferences, workshops and trainings here. So we’re very very happy to host this evening and to welcome Audrey. Clémence will now say a few words about the purpose of this evening.

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