Because right now we have a three-day event, and then everybody goes back to their countries, and then next year we meet and there’s no… So trying to build on your model of ongoing conversation, this is not an event, it’s a process, how do we build the process? Because one of the things for us at SEWF is when we choose where we’ll be is really about the impact it’s going to have, not just… So we start where we started, the first one in 2008 in Scotland, then we said we should do every nation. That was our first objective, to cover every continent. So we got to every continent then we said, now what? And now we’re at the point of how do we use it, the event, as a catalyst, but how do we do more than the event? So I think we’re going to engage the communities. That’s exactly the kind of elevation the sector needs, is to have something that takes all these little pieces that are everywhere, and we don’t connect them very well.

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