One of the things that we have found is, how do we level the playing field? Because governments have been very, very encouraging, using things like tax credits and purchasing to generate incentive. Now we’re saying what happens if governments start to do the same thing with the social enterprise sector? And we start to look at how do we use purchasing and tax credits and services like we’ve done for the last 40 years in the private sector. So level the playing field, not necessarily special, but the same encouragement. Like in Canada, as the economy is where it is, the government has just made a commitment of $176 million in infrastructure to boost the economy. So now, we’re supporting a bill that allows the minister of procurement to add social value onto all our procurement purchasing, especially infrastructure. What it allows is the contractors, who are going to get the bid anyway, to capture some kind of social value, so they may not do it in their main contract, but how do they do it in their supply chain. So like in Scotland, there’s a major construction company that won a big bid to do an arena, and so well you should, you have to do something social. And they said, we’re a construction company, what do we do? So they actually worked with social enterprises to do the food service at the construction site. So now, that construction company says, hey, I could never hire those people with disabilities on the construction site, but now every job site he does, he does with the social enterprises so that he can create those jobs that has a social impact.

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